Who Am I?

I’m just a veterinarian. One of many (over 110,000 in the United States). I went to vet school in Edinburgh (The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies…no, you read that right, I am a Dick Vet). I did my internship with The Supervet (you should check him out if you’ve never heard of him) and got my Master’s at The Ohio State University. I’ve been in private practice since, emergency and general practice.

I’m a little driven. Seriously, if there’s a certificate attached to a course, I’m signing up. My business card is running out of space. Currently I am:

Dr. Jacqueline Johnson, BVM&S, MS, DABVP (C/F), CVPP, CCRP

I guess technically it’s shouldn’t be “Dr” because I have a bachelor’s in veterinary medicine & surgery, but hey, I’m in the US, so you’d better believe it’s Dr. Johnson now.

I’ve been married for nearly 12 years to a Brit I brought back with me from Edinburgh. We have 2 kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats. (I actually think my husband has 2 kids and I have 7… I’m a little nuts about my animals). So between work and family and pets, I decided that with all my free time, I would try writing a blog. My musings on veterinary life, pet care, my crazy pets, whatever. Here goes nothing…

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